Friday, July 11, 2008

As of late

I haven't been blogging here much at all, and i havent posted anything worthwhile(Now THAT's argueable) in ages, but i've been having some interesting things happen to me lately. Due to recent discussions from an old friend who rides, i've had a fire lit under my ass to get a bike. No, not a mountain bike(i already have two of those), but a motorcycle. I honestly forgot how invigorating it is to ride. And how excellent it is as a therapy for what ails you. Like they say, you'll never see a motorcycle out fromt of a therapist's office(unless it belongs to the therapist). So, off i go in search of my perfect beast.....and i might just say fuck it and build my own.

Cheers all!


unMuse said...

ah yes. I can absolutely understand why you wouldn't be around a computer. Good on ya! I always enjoyed riding bitch with the friends of mine that had bikes. Good times and very relaxing.

Martini Whore said...

You know, it's time to move beyond 'riding bitch' to just riding by yourself.

unMuse said...

no no.. I have never wanted to. I'd rather ride behind someone with experience than get on the road by myself. I've never even driving a dirt bike. I will let the qualified to the driving for me. :-)