Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Because lesbian sex is apparently dangerous

...And now for something truly fucked up.

BENTONVILLE -- A Bentonville man asked the city to pay his two sons $20,000 and to fire the library director for including what he called "pornography" in the Bentonville Public Library collection."The Whole Lesbian Sex Book" by Felice Newman was removed from the library shelf after Earl Adams of Bentonville complained it is "patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value," according to a letter he wrote and faxed Feb. 16 to Mayor Bob McCaslin.Adams said his 14- and 16-year-old sons, Kyle and Ryan, looked at the book while the 14-year-old was browsing for material on military academies. He requested the city pay him $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law."My sons were greatly disturbed by viewing this material and this matter has caused many sleepless nights in our house," he said in another e-mail to McCaslin earlier in February.

From a press release from publisher Cleis Press Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book says "Boys have been pouring over sexually explicit materials in libraries since - well, since there have been libraries. Why was a copy of my book in the military section? Well, sometimes young people browsing the library shelves will tuck away a favorite book where they can find it later. These two young guys are the very reason libraries must be uncensored, and librarians must be free to order the books they feel will benefitthe public."

If you'd like to send the librarians a supportive note, here's the link.


unMuse said...

as far as i'm concerned, every straight guy should have a really good lesbian friend to get pointers from now and again. ;-)

Martini Whore said...

Ya gotta learn it from somewhere, right?